Policy papers

The Dialogue’s 2023-2024 Advocacy Program
This Program outlines the Dialogue’s policy, projects, initiatives and events focus for the year ahead.

Over the past 12 months, the Dialogue has worked closely with our Partners and stakeholders to put forward the policies, initiatives and projects that we feel can make a positive difference to Greater Western Sydney (GWS).

We also recognise that with a new NSW Government, managing a much tighter budget, the economic context is a lot different to what it was five or 10 years ago.

While many of the region’s key infrastructure needs, whether they’re transport, cultural, health or community projects, haven’t tapered off, one of the key take-aways to emerge from this process, was that the future success of the region won’t be measured solely by the amount of dollars that are tipped into these critical building blocks.

Rebooting Delivery Executive Summary
This executive summary outlines the key takeaways of the Rebooting Delivery paper.
Rebooting Delivery
With the NSW Government looking to establish a game-changing western economic hub in the Aerotropolis there is a potential for new and refocused development corporations or authorities. 
Banning Junk Food Advertising on NSW Public Transport Assets
One small step we can take in the direction of a more proactive, preventative approach to health in the region.

Banning the advertising of discretionary food & drink advertising on public transport assets is an evidence-based, internationally proven policy intervention. Restricting the advertising of discretionary food is an internationally tested policy tool for addressing obesity and improving population health.

Submission on Diabetes
The Dialogue’s written submission for the inquiry on Diabetes by the Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport.
Submission on Improving NSW Rental Laws
The Dialogue’s written submission on improving NSW rental laws.