2022 Future Forums

Western Sydney’s Future Forum Series brings together a cohort of big thinkers to examine some of the important and sensitive challenges affecting the growth cities of the West. It has been designed to unpack the tough issues and promote ideas that generate change through honest, robust engagement with a diverse group of senior stakeholders. 

The first instalment in this re-energised format was hosted in July and focused on the impact of, and response to, the 2021 floods across the Hawkesbury Nepean region, addressing the thorny issues of the Warragamba Dam wall raising, but also the downstream issues of water recycling, residential development on a floodplain and evacuation routes. 

Humanising Infrastructure: Social Procurement & Community Legacy

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

This half-day forum will discuss how government and industry are working to secure a lasting social legacy for Greater Western Sydney from the current boom in major project procurement and delivery.

Growing Western Sydney's Circular Economy: A Global Persepctive

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

This event will host one of the world’s leading sustainability experts, Dr Jacqueline Cramer, who will examine the opportunities to grow Greater Western Sydney’s Circular Economy. 

Greater Western Sydney Unpacked

Friday, 12 August 2022

This forum will focus on demographics, health and living arrangements, and aims to explore how different areas of GWS compare to each other, and how GWS as a whole compares to the rest of Greater Sydney and broader national trends.

Unlocking the Circular Economy in the Western Parkland City

Thursday, 6 October 2022

The event will examine the economic, environmental, and other benefits that a new approach to managing waste can deliver including generating renewable energy and creating biofuels.