2020 Future Forums

The Future Forum Series is an initiative of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, bringing together a cohort of big thinkers to discuss issues affecting the growth cities of Greater Western Sydney. 

The Dialogue has curated these workshops with leaders across a range of sectors, including business, media, government, community and tourism to raise awareness of the key challenges and opportunities in the region.  

Jobs & Investment in Greater Western Sydney

Friday, 3 April 2020

This forum will focus on jobs and investment in Greater Western Sydney, moving beyond the high-level talk of job targets to unpack the detail around the industries and skills that we need to address the ‘jobs deficit’ and take the region’s economy forward. The forum will also explore the big-ticket investments needed to bring the West’s economic anchors – the Aerotropolis and GPOP – to life, the future of work in the region and the practical steps we need to take to make the most of high-growth, high value sectors such as advanced manufacturing.