Time to dive in and deliver more swimming out west

Nicholas Ropulo •
November 26, 2022

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue congratulates Sydney Water on the opening today of its pop-up pool at Prospect Reservoir as part of the Urban Plunge initiative – and has called on Government support to ensure it remains a permanent attraction.

Adam Leto, Executive Director of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, said there was a critical need to open up more opportunities for the people of Western Sydney to enjoy swimming and water activities closer to home.

“With Summer only days away and the temperatures out west already starting to soar, it’s time for the Government to dive into the deep end and deliver more swimming and waterside recreation,” Mr Leto said.

“The pop-up site at Prospect Reservoir will offer local residents the chance to enjoy outdoor swimming and get together in the grounds of Andrew Campbell Reserve, but after Australia Day, it will be gone.

“This is such a great initiative and I’m sure locals would love for it to stick long term. We need to see more of these types of places and facilities across Western Sydney open up so that residents can enjoy clean, safe and accessible local waterways year-round.

“For too long, the region has been denied the same access to clean, safe and accessible local waterways as our counterparts in the East.

“There are so many ways to activate the lakes, rivers, waterways and parks in Greater Western Sydney, but sadly they are greatly underutilised.”

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