ALP Government Urged to Keep its Foot on the Pedal

Belinda Wallis •
March 25, 2023

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue has called on the Labor Government to keep its focus firmly on the region that handed it a resounding win at the NSW State election.

Dialogue Chairman Christopher Brown AM said Saturday’s result was a well-earned win for Labor, and after more than a decade in the political wilderness, the critical message to the new Premier was: the job’s not done.

“Minns and his team clearly heard that the people of Western Sydney are calling for the government to address the crippling cost-of-living pressures, the rental crisis and tollway slugs that are all impacting local households,” Mr Brown said.

“While the marginal seats in the north and south-west were high on the agenda for both sides, the
challenge for the new government is to also look after ‘safe’ seats like Campbelltown, Fairfield,
Cabramatta, Liverpool, Mount Druitt, as these voters must share in the economic dividend of the
boomtown that is the Greater West.

“Premier Minns will need to deliver projects like the extension of metro rail to Blacktown, Campbeltown, Bankstown and Liverpool and the light rail to Olympic Park.

“Labor will need to move Bankstown Hospital downtown, roll out the new schools he has promised, get the Aerotropolis underway, unblock the planning delays to address home affordability and have the north shore and eastern suburbs share Sydney’s housing burden. It also needs to ensure that the Roxy Theatre is preserved for future generations to enjoy.”

In addition to continued investment in major infrastructure, Mr Brown said it was critical to nurture the creative spirit of our musicians, artists and rap poets, and attract big events and performances.

“While the Coalition was right to prioritise roads and rail to move people to jobs and education during a decade of heavy investment, it’s now time for more amenity and cultural connections,” Mr Brown said.

“Amenity is a productivity issue out West. As we try to retain and attract millennial workers, young
families and global investment, it’s the fun stuff that will draw people to this dynamic and rapidly
growing region.

“The opening of the 24-hour Western Sydney International Airport in 2026 will see 10 million
passengers arriving each year. We need to create events and attractions to develop a globally
significant tourism economy.

“The natural waterways and new pools of the West must be opened up. From Moore Point at Liverpool to Penrith Lakes, from the wave pool at Homebush to the lagoon at Campbelltown, access to recreational swimming is a critical lifestyle offering for both residents and visitors.”

“It’s time to celebrate Australia’s true multi-cultural home, with local festivals where food, fun and
families of every denomination and persuasion are welcomed at the Western Sydney table.”