Our Story

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue was established in 2015 as a way to shine a light on the key issues in the region, to spark and nurture a national conversation about the West and to help ensure it is better equipped to shape its future.
Through the power of connecting the right people, we shape progress and effect positive social and economic change for a thriving Greater Western Sydney.

Our Region

Greater Western Sydney has one of the youngest, fastest growing and most diverse populations in the nation.
As of the 2021 census, 41% of GWS residents were born overseas, with top countries being India, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Iraq & Lebanon.
Almost half (46%) of the GWS population speak a language other than English, and 22% identify as religiously affiliated with Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam.
Approximately 3% of NSW’s residents identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person. Of the 77,000 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander residents who live in Greater Sydney, three-quarters live in GWS. Blacktown, Penrith & Campbelltown LGAs are home to the greatest count of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander residents in Greater Sydney.

Our Team

The Dialogue’s approach is bold, inclusive, diverse and innovative – like the people of Greater Western Sydney it represents.
Our team’s mission is to not only drive our annual program of events, thought-leadership and collaboration, but we strive to embed a culture of partnership and participation.
It is this collaborative  approach, one which values public, and meaningful engagement, that’s at the core of the Dialogue, and one we see as critical as we look at what comes next.

Christopher Brown AM

Chairman & Founder

Adam Leto

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Cameron

Policy & Research Officer

Kim Martin

Senior Manager, People & Operations

Lauren Nicholls

Head of Policy & Analysis

Marushka Noronha

Head of Events

Dr Fiona Pacey, PhD

Senior Manager, Policy - Special Projects

Emma Reid

Events Manager

Nicholas Rupolo

Communications Officer

Brett Towers

Chief Commercial Officer

Luke Turner

Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy

Philippa Walker

Executive Assistant and Manager of Executive Office

Belinda Wallis

Director, Communications

Stephanie Yeo

Events Coordinator