East London Study Tour

The 2024 cohort will get an insider’s view of the mega-projects and meet with local policy boffins, regulators, planners, developers, academics and community leaders. Importantly, the five-year break between visits will allow us to review progress since the Dialogue’s 2019 ELST and particularly look at social service provision and investment in a post-pandemic context.

Collaborative Leadership Program

The Collaborative Leadership Program invests in the professional development of an invited cohort of existing and emerging leaders from organisations with an interest in Greater Western Sydney.

Generation West

One of the most important functions of the Dialogue is to foster and nurture a leadership class in Greater Western Sydney to increase the region’s presence and influence. To this end, the Dialogue has engaged with a group of young, passionate individuals with strong ties to Greater Western Sydney to provide a youth-driven perspective for the discussion and activism led by the Dialogue.

Beyond the Boom

“Beyond the Boom” is a landmark thought leadership and public policy initiative that examines how best to continue the bold city-shaping of Greater Western Sydney (GWS) over coming decades.

Reconciliation Action Plan

The Dialogue is currently reviewing and updating its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for 2025-2026.