BOOMTOWN! Project of the year winners 2020

To recognise developments that have delivered excellence in infrastructure and transport, the BOOMTOWN! Project of the Year award was established to acknowledge completed (or near completed) major projects over the previous 12 months that have, or will, significantly contribute to the sustainable growth of Greater Western Sydney.

These are presented at our annual BOOMTOWN! Summits in November.

Outstanding Commercial Project

3 Parramatta Square

The 17-level, 3 Parramatta Square building will set a new benchmark for commercial offices in Parramatta and deliver over 45,000sqm of commercial space. Featuring a glass facade and central atrium, the tower will be the Western Sydney address of National Australia Bank.

On 31 August, NAB began welcoming employees to its new offices at 3 Parramatta Square.

Financial services make up a significant part of Parramatta’s professional economy, attracting blue-chip talent to the area and providing 17,000 jobs.

NAB’s commercial buildings are designed to bring out the best in our people so they can collaborate, connect with each other, be inspired and better serve our customers. The spaces and settings at 3 Parramatta Square have been designed to support NAB’s community-oriented focus.

Outstanding Health Project

Central Acute Services Building –
Westmead Redevelopment

Construction on the 14-level hospital had finished three months ahead of schedule.

The new state-of-the-art hospital building includes two new emergency departments and more than 300 patient rooms – and is the centre-piece of the $1 billion-plus Westmead Redevelopment.

The early usage of the CASB provided a vital component in the NSW Government plan to expand physical and resource capacity of health facilities and areas for self-isolation due to COVID-19.

This is the first time Westmead Hospital has been brought together with the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, as well as the University of Sydney to create a space of high-quality care, learning and innovation.

Health experts will be working alongside top medical and scientific researchers in this new 14-storey hub, which embeds staff from the University of Sydney, and includes research, education and training facilities.

Outstanding Transport Project


Opened to traffic on 31 October, the nine kilometre twin tunnel links the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga to the Hills M2 Motorway at West Pennant Hills in Sydney’s north west suburbs.

It is the missing link in the National Transport Network improving freight access, connectivity and reliability across Greater Sydney. NorthConnex has been designed to the highest safety standards and as a solution to bypass one of NSW’s most congested routes, Pennant Hills Road.

The result has been 5000 fewer trucks per day, reduced traffic congestion and up to 15 minutes shorter travel times on Pennant Hills Road.

Outstanding Community Project

Murama Healing Space & Dance Ground

The Murama Healing Space and Dance Ground is a unique Indigenous Dance Ground dedicated to healing and belonging at Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park.

Developed by Sydney Olympic Park Authority in partnership with the Murama Cultural Council, it operates alongside the Murama Healing Space, and creates a dynamic Indigenous heritage hub that supports cultural revival, shared learning and social benefits.

This is an inclusive and peaceful space where First Nations peoples can learn, lead, and share culture. It is a gathering place for the entire community, and a place to celebrate the rich Indigenous culture of Sydney Olympic Park with greater Sydney.

The development of the Murama Dance Grounds, and the Murama Healing Space within a State Heritage listed building at Newington Armory, was made possible by grants from Create NSW’s Western Sydney Making Spaces fund and the former NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Heritage Near Me program.

Outstanding Education Project

TAFE NSW Miller Upgrade 

Construction, carpentry and electrical engineering students will benefit from new learning spaces and specialist facilities following a $7.6 million upgrade at TAFE NSW Miller.

The campus now includes an expanded workshop space for carpentry students, four modern classrooms, a student amenity area and pole rescue facilities.

It is also home to the TAFE NSW’s second and largest electrical pole farm in the state, which will be used by students being trained in electrical supply. Featuring different types of poles, the farm creates a real-world environment for students learning skills such as how to maintain poles.

The new state-of-the-art facility will provide integrated specialist facilities to equip students with the job-ready skills local employers are calling for here in Miller and across western Sydney

Outstanding Sustainability Project

St Marys Water Recycling Plant Upgrade

Sydney Water is delivering a world-class technology and infrastructure upgrade to meet the demands of a booming Western Sydney. The Lower South Creek Treatment Program includes the upgrade of St Marys, Riverstone and Quakers Hill water recycling plants at a cost of more than a half a billion dollars.

With more than 300,000 new residents expected to move to Sydney’s north west by 2040, the program is delivering improved sustainability and significant energy and carbon savings within this growing area.

The upgrades of St Marys and Quakers Hill have achieved a 42% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, earning the program an “excellent” design rating of 69.7 points from Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA). At the time, this was the highest ever for an Australian water project.

The program is an Australian first, receiving a ten out of ten score for innovation from ISCA, with two of the innovation points awarded for exceeding the benchmarks for energy and carbon reduction, and renewable energy supply.

On-site renewable energy use is a core objective of the St Marys WRP upgrade. It’s anticipated that the biogas captured through co-generation will allow for 70-90 per cent self-supply of electricity at St Marys, which is approximately 115,358GJ/year of biogas generating 13.3GWh of electricity.

This work will help Sydney Water deliver on its vision of creating a better life with world-class water services, delivering significant energy and carbon savings for Western Sydney and paving the way for a more sustainable water services industry.

Outstanding Tourism/Activation Project

Sydney Motorsport Park Lights

The $33 million upgrade of Sydney Motorsport Park has commenced with the installation of the first light tower which will bring night racing back to Eastern Creek.

134 lighting poles have been installed around the circuit with world-class LED lighting set to provide broadcast-quality lighting for night racing.

The investment package funded by the NSW Government for the upgrade of Sydney Motorsport Park also includes $11 million in enhancements for the adjacent Sydney International Dragway, $6.4 million to construct a Motor Sports Centre of Excellence and work to find an operations site for Motorcycling NSW.

Chairman’s Award

NSW Police Force Aviation Support Branch Bankstown Airport

To relocate NSW Police Force Aviation Support Branch (PolAir) into a purpose-built state-of-the-art facility, whilst remaining at Bankstown Airport, providing enhanced operational efficiencies and a seamless transfer of operations.

To create a premier modern integrated facility to consolidate PolAir’s existing and future operational requirements so the team can continue to protect and serve the community of New South Wales through vital police work.

The 2.5 hectare site is now home to the entire NSW Police Force Aviation Support branch, including 80 police officers. The facility features one large hangar with 10 hangar bays to house a fleet of five PolAir rotary-wing aircraft and three fixed-wing aircraft.

Features include:

  • Two storey office building within approx. 3,000 sqm

  • Two hangars and maintenance facilities within approx. 7,000 sqm

  • 10 hangar bays – including 2 dedicated full function maintenance bays and integrated spray booth

  • Concrete aprons to either side of the hangar structure, with linking driveways between the aprons

  • Visitor and secure parking areas, bundedfuel-tanker parking areas, hardstand and loading dock areas

  • Improved winch simulator training height

  • Minor modifications to existing taxiways to and from the site

  • Upgrade of Drover Road to provide a cul-de-sac / roundabout for access and closure of the airside services road

  • Vertical circulation including single passenger lift, staircase and fire egress stairs

  • Ancillary facilities including sprinkler tanks and pump room, amenities (showers, toilets, lockers, laundry and wetsuit drying rooms),trailer storage, stormwater detention, foam retention tanks and landscaping

  • Imported fire curtains some 25m in length

  • Helicopter bird bath

  • Police dog facilities