Mapping Sydney's Latte Line

Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue has released a fresh set of figures, providing a range of social, health and economic comparisons across Sydney.

The data in the Mapping the Latte Line report, released this week, outlines the points of difference between Sydney residents across a range of measures and highlights the need for Government to continue its policy and investment focus on Western Sydney.

“The aim of this report is not to reinforce, or dispel, negative perceptions of the region, but rather bring attention to the fact that there is still a divide that splits Sydney, and that it needs to be addressed,” Dialogue Executive Director Adam Leto said.

“Addressing geographic disadvantage needs to be at the heart of government’s planning and investment decisions so that this divide becomes less visible, and eventually disappears altogether – that needs to be the aim,” Mr Leto said.

Latte Line at a Glance:

  • Residents in the west are more likely to be hospitalised for preventable disease than in the east

  • East residents have a higher life expectancy

  • If you live in the east you’re twice as likely to have a bachelor’s degree. The west has a larger proportion of Certificate III or IV holders

  • Average taxable income is significantly higher in the east, which also accommodates the majority of the ‘top one-percent’ income earners

  • Those in the west are more likely to work a standard work week (35-39 hours)

  • The west is home to significantly more residents from a non-English speaking background

  • West residents are more likely to suffer lung cancer, while those in the east have a higher skin cancer rate

  • In the west, you’re less likely to be a volunteer

  • The west recorded 30% more tax deductions for work-related car expenses, however the average value per claim is around $300 higher in the east

  • West residents are more religious.

    Read the full report here.