Dialogue welcomes $7 million fast-tracked funding

Western Sydney’s reputation as an educational hub for research and innovation just got a $7m boost with the Federal Opposition committing funds towards the Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) new Blacktown CBD campus.

Executive Director of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, Adam Leto, said the funding commitment was welcome news for every person who lives, works or studies in Western Sydney.

“ACU’s commitment, backed by the Federal Opposition, is the first step in the broader urban renewal of Blacktown CBD,  leveraging its existing transport, health, entertainment and retail assets. The new ACU campus will have a key role to play in not only equipping the next generation’s leaders with the skills and knowledge to succeed, but also helping drive the development of a more vibrant and innovative central Blacktown,” Mr Leto said.

The university will invest $220 million in the fit-out of an interim building and two permanent, high-rise buildings in Warrick Lane. The new campus will occupy part of Blacktown Council’s Main St building, while two high-rises along Warrick Lane are built. The interim campus is the first phase in ACU’s program that will see four faculties set up.

The latest announcement, as part of the Federal Opposition’s $300m University Future Fund, comes in the lead up to the Federal election on May 18.

Enrolments in Blacktown courses will start in 2020 across education and arts; health sciences; law and business; and theology and philosophy.

ACU is Australia’s largest provider of graduate teachers and nurses and is ranked in the top 3% of universities worldwide. An information centre will be established at the Main St building in 2019.