Dialogue 2019 Overview

In 2018, the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue expanded its events, engagement and advocacy program to include a stronger focus on the social, education and environmental factors contributing to the region’s growth.

Community was at the centre of our programming, with the Dialogue working closely with a number of councils to better understand and respond to local issues. We also provided professional, commercial and personal support for local projects such as the Bankstown Poetry Slam’s annual Grand Slam, the Western Sydney Community Forum’s Build Beyond Bricks program, the Public Education Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, Savannah Pride’s migrant basketball pathway project and the Blue Datto young driver awareness program, to name just a few.

This support, combined with a program that was focussed on raising awareness of the region’s major social issues, represented a shift in the Dialogue’s core business, which had traditionally centred on campaigning for infrastructure investment.

While we are proud of our strong track-record when it comes to advocating for ongoing government and private sector investment in rail lines, roads, hospitals, schools and arts and cultural facilities, and will continue to push for stronger economic and governance reform to support Greater Western Sydney’s growth, the year ahead reflects the Dialogue’s commitment to continue to help facilitate the creation of a more liveable, dynamic, healthier and smart city.

We will be particularly active over the next six months in the lead-up to the NSW and Federal Elections, where the tussle for key seats in the region is likely to elevate Greater Western Sydney’s growth agenda.

Part of our conversations will explore governments’ role in delivering, and prioritising, the necessary infrastructure investment to keep pace with projected population growth. But just as important for the Dialogue is to make sure these upcoming opportunities also outline why the region’s success is as much about building its capacity, resilience and wellbeing, as it is delivering new infrastructure.

This includes firmer government commitments that reduce the incidence of domestic violence, obesity and urban heating, deliver a clear jobs strategy, improve accessibility and build a more productive, lively and cohesive Greater Western Sydney.

Dialogue 2019 Overview here.

Adam Leto
Executive Director
Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue