Parramatta Light Rail Route Announced

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue welcomed today’s release by the NSW Government of a detailed route for the Westmead to Carlingford line and recommitment to its promise of a wider Western Sydney light rail network, connecting Parramatta, Olympic Park and Strathfield.

Chairman of the Dialogue, Christopher Brown AM, said with recent speculation that the link through the ‘Olympic Corridor’ would be scrapped in favour of a future WestMetro line, today’s decision provides more certainty for one of the fastest growing, dynamic precincts in the country.

“While we are disappointed that we don’t yet have the route that the Government promised to Strathfield, we are heartened by the commitment that Premier Berejiklian and Minister Constance gave today for an eventual light rail link to support the growth of the Olympic Corridor,” he said.

“The future of this precinct, including expansion plans for RAS’ Sydney Showgrounds, a $700M+ rebuild of ANZ Stadium, and GPT’s exciting Olympic Park Town Centre, is contingent on integrated transport solutions, which includes light rail links, metro rail, and improved road access.

“Western Sydney shouldn’t have to choose between a metro rail line and a light rail line.  Just like the Eastern Suburbs, it deserves both, and we have faith in Andrew Constance to deliver this.”

The Dialogue is partnering with the Sydney Olympic Park Business Association and the Sydney Business Chamber to host a meeting next Wednesday at ANZ Stadium where key landowners and stakeholders will consider Olympic Corridor transport, planning and governance issues.

The Dialogue welcomed the Carlingford line route and hopes it might eventually extend to Epping to provide a link between the future North West and West metro lines.  It will use the consultation process to seek appropriate compensation for landowners affected by the Camellia maintenance line and push for a southern spur line to service the Rosehill Gardens events centre.

Mr Brown said he looked forward to the Government’s decision about the Olympic Corridor extension later this year, combined with a WestMetro, to create new housing, employment and lifestyle options in the Olympic Corridor.

“This is a precinct that has been identified by the Greater Sydney Commission as one of the key drivers of our city’s growth, and over the next 20 years, with the right support, is expected to house more than one third of all new jobs and almost 20 per cent of its new dwellings.”