NSW Government's Jobs Injection

The NSW Government’s decision to relocate 4000 public servant jobs to Parramatta reaffirms the city’s growing status as Sydney’s central commercial, administration and public sector hub.

Chairman of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, Christopher Brown AM, singled-out the Baird Government for its unwavering commitment to helping grow Parramatta and the Western Sydney economy.

“The State Government deserves plenty of credit for recognising the importance of Parramatta as the gateway to Western Sydney and the role it needs to play in supporting the development of the fastest growing region in Australia,” Mr Brown said.

“This year alone, it has invested heavily in Parramatta, in the form of transport and jobs, and through the Greater Sydney Commission, set forth an ambitious vision that ensures Parramatta can realise its potential.”

As part of the public sector jobs injection, more than 4000 public service workers, including 2500 from Department of Planning and Environment and Environment and Protection Agency, will be housed in the Walker Corporation’s Parramatta Square Tower 4 building.

Mr Brown said that the Parramatta Square urban redevelopment – Western Sydney’s Barangaroo – was a project that has taken nearly two decades to get off the ground, and is now close to being finalised. 

“This is arguably one of the most significant urban redevelopments in Sydney, and its success in getting to this point, is due to the ambition of Lang Walker and his team, a State Government that wants Parramatta to succeed, and a Council that has refused to give up,” he said.

“Today’s decision has the dual impact of not only embedding this critical commercial development, but also helping catalyse further private investment in the region.

“Decentralisation of government jobs to Western Sydney is a key strategy in helping build the number of jobs in the region, and following on from this latest boost in numbers, I look forward to the State Government facilitating the growth of other commercial centres in areas such as Campbelltown, Blacktown, Liverpool and Penrith.”