Bigger is Better at Badgerys

We only have one shot at getting this right.

That was the message from Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Chairman, Christopher Brown AM, in response to recent reports that the Western Sydney Airport will not include a rail connection.

"The Western Sydney Airport is a massive game-changer and we should be thinking big. We only have one shot at getting this right, and this means no-curfew and effective transport links, including heavy rail, and preferably fast-rail."

The WSLD believes that for Badgerys Creek to be successful, and for the region to derive maximum benefit, Sydney Airport must manage both Badgerys and Kingsford Smith Airport, as single network control is the only way to ensure a harmonious and productive operation, and the best way to speed up the rollout of the new airport.

A recent report by Deloitte Access Economics showed that in 2014:

- The total economic contribution of Sydney Airport was $30.8b
- Sydney Airport, directly and indirectly, generated more than 300,000 jobs.
- Sydney Airport handled around 550,000 tonnes of air-freight, more than half of Australia's total.

Earlier this year, renowned author and academic, Dr John Kasarda, said improving the speed and reliability of transport networks was crucial to Western Sydney Airport’s success.

"Governments at both the state and federal level must invest in express motorway and rail infrastructure to reduce travel time to no more than 45 minutes, even in peak traffic from the airport to Sydney City, Parramatta and Liverpool CBD if they are to make a Western Sydney aerotropolis a reality," Dr Kasarda said.