Curfew-Free the Only Option for Badgerys Creek

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue has reaffirmed its support for a curfew-free Western Sydney Airport, following the Federal Government’s release of its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), today.

Dialogue Chairman, Christopher Brown, said that the draft plans show that the noise impacts from Sydney’s second airport on surrounding areas around Badgerys Creek will be very minimal.

"The Western Sydney Airport is a massive game-changer and we should be thinking big. We only have one shot at getting this right, and this means it must be curfew-free and there has to be effective transport links, including heavy rail, and preferably fast-rail," Mr Brown said.

“The Federal Government has already committed over $3b in roads infrastructure to support the development of the Airport and it has shown that it is willing to take the necessary steps to ensure that all of the ingredients that make-up a world-class airport precinct are in place.

The State has a role to play in funding the rail lines and using dynamic agencies like Urban Growth to manage development and drive business funding for rail via use of value capture of rezoned private land.”

Mr Brown added that providing the appropriate transport links, such as extending the current Metro line from Bankstown to Liverpool and then to Badgerys Creek, as well as implementing a single network control with Kingsford Smith Airport, were also important “to-do” items.

“For Badgerys Creek to be successful, Sydney Airport Corporation should manage both Badgerys and Kingsford Smith Airport, as single network control enhances productive operation, and is the best way to speed up the rollout of the new airport,” Mr Brown said.

“Similarly, an extension of the current Metro City and South-West line from Bankstown to Liverpool and on to Badgerys Creek, is a natural fit and a no-brainer given Liverpool’s role as gateway to the Western Sydney Airport and emergence as one Sydney’s biggest growth areas.

“The Airport also needs to be connected to other key precincts within Western Sydney’s Innovation Corridor, including sites at Luddenham, which is home to the exciting Sydney Science Park development and nearby Western Sydney University campuses, so that it can leverage the jobs, investment and talent that sits within such close proximity.”

Mr Brown also paid tribute to the hard work done by the Federal Department of Infrastructure in shepherding this project through its planning stage.

“This has been a herculean effort by a team of dedicated regulators to get this massive project moving after decades of intransigence. The parents of Western Sydney will be grateful that their kids can look forward to a brighter employment future with the airport finally taking shape.”