Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 to Turbocharge the West

Belinda Wallis •
June 3, 2024

Leading advocacy group, the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue, has welcomed the long-awaited
funding announcement for Stage 2 of the Parramatta Light Rail.

Dialogue CEO, Adam Leto, said news of the $2 billion-plus investment to connect Sydney Olympic Park with Parramatta CBD would “turbocharge” the growing region.

“After years of uncertainty, this funding announcement ensures that the Parramatta Light Rail project
finally remains on track to be delivered as originally promised,” Mr Leto said.

“There’s been so much back and forth on the second stage that many feared it would never happen, but NSW Premier Chris Minns has stuck to his word.

“This will turbocharge investment and urban renewal in what is already one of the most dynamic areas in Sydney. This announcement further builds on Parramatta’s reputation as a genuine, and fast-growing CBD

“The original light rail line was always intended to link Westmead and Sydney Olympic Park, and when integrated with the future Metro West Line, will significantly change the way residents and workers travel.

“The Dialogue has long recognised the importance of a light rail link to connect Parramatta to Sydney Olympic Park. With the project’s first stage expected to be up and running within weeks, the
announcement of the next stage comes at a great time.”