Future Forum

The Future Forum series is an initiative of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue (the Dialogue) to bring together a cohort of big thinkers to discuss issues affecting our growth cities of the West.

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Building and Financing Our Community Infrastructure

Our fourth Future Forum examined the importance of Community Infrastructure and how we can unlock and leverage local investment to support the changing needs of Greater Western Sydney.

Federal & State governments are responsible for the delivery of major infrastructure such as airports, stadia, motorways, museums, hospitals, universities, national parks, power lines, dams and railways. However, at this Future Forum, we will focus on the smaller, local projects that drive our communities such as pools, hotels, aged care facilities, theatres, public art, men's sheds, sporting fields, children's playgrounds, community gardens, bike paths, libraries, soup kitchens and parklands - which are the domain of local Councils, private developers, registered clubs, faith-based groups and community organisations.

The video of Western Sydney Performing Arts Centre is available to view here, while the Flinders Centre’s video will be available to be viewed here.